Flora Bisogno

Flora Bisogno, trained as a philosopher and cultural anthropologist (Phd UniMib, Italy, 2010), is today a holistic operator. She has been teaching yoga asana (hatha, yin, vinyasa) and meditation since 2010. Since 2012 she has attended courses with different Sunshine Network teachers mainly in France, Greece and Thailand. She completed and deepened the long training course in Osteothai with David Lutt, Lulyani School of Thai and Osteothai Yoga Massage (France), obtaining the certificates. In 2019 she obtained the Master of Osteothai certificate in the same school (MOT). Since 2015 she has been conducting training courses in Thai Yoga Massage in Italy and Germany and from 2015 to 2020 she has been assistant for numerous courses of David Lutt, Takis Okonomis, Till Heeg, Ivan Medici, Kai Riberau, all teachers of the network.

She is currently deepening the craniosacral biodynamic approach as an auditor at the Centro Studi NAME (Italy). member of the Italian Traditional Thai Massage Federation (FIITM) since 2013, she practices and promotes awareness techniques inspired by the practices of the Plum Village, founded by the Vietnamese Zen Monk Thich Nhat Hanh, whose teachings she follows.

Robert Henderson

Robert Henderson has been teaching and practising Thai massage since 2000, specializing in energy work and spiritual healing.

He works one-to-one with people to help process and release past traumas and hurts and gives workshops around Europe on the themes of energy work and on the effects your upbringing and environment have on your physical body.

He is the author of the books Emotion and Healing in the Energy Body and It’s All My Parents’ Fault and of multiple articles in Yoga Aktuell (Germany) and Massage World (UK) magazines.

Born in Dublin, Robert currently lives in Vienna.

Siawasch Peyman

As a teacher Sia is very authentic in passing his personal experience. Using his didactic knowledge to support and guide, he is happy to let the students grow into a technique with their own personality and to find understanding within themselves. As a performer of the professional movement-theater “vis plastica trans. gen.” it was always pretty much about the body. How to move and express in all varieties, to communicate nonverbally and how to restore yourself from pain and injuries. Performances around the globe led the group to Thailand where Sia got into touch with thaiyogamassage. In 2005 finally initiated into that healing art in the famous Wat Pho Temple in Bangkok, thaiyogamassage should become more and more dominant in Sia´s life. As a certified social pedagogue by education Sia provided support for mainly young people with mental and behavioral problems from 2007-15. Always keeping the link to movement, he continued to teach capoeira, pilates, yoga and giving thaimassage in that time. From a performing artist slowly shifting to a healing artist, Sia kept on studying different fields of healing and is fully dedicated to this path. Offering Thaimassage workshops since 2015, Sia enjoys much to share his passion and his way to treat people as for him giving massage is a sacred gift that connects one soul with the other.

Hanna Łubek

Hania gained her knowledge and experience both in Poland and during many months of trips to Thailand (she completed training in the field of, among others, many forms of Thai Massage, Reflexotherapy, Fascia Massage, Bioenergetics, Chinese Medicine and Spa Massage). She started working with the body and meditation in 2000 and has been running her own practice since 2007, hence the techniques presented are supported by many examples related to working with specific cases. He shares his experience by conducting courses and workshops, among others. in Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and Italy.

Since 2014, he runs courses and co-creates the Yeshe community, a Thai massage school that brings together enthusiasts of conscious body work. A characteristic feature of her on-site and away courses, workshops at festivals and “massage exchanges” is a deep listening to the needs of the massaged body, relaxation and effortlessness of work and sharing human warmth, which naturally brings a smile and joy.


Tomek Eichelberger

Graduate of Warsaw School of Physical Education. Instructor of many sports. Always curious about movement and stillness. He explored his possibilities in martial arts and team sports, but only since practicing Qi Gong does he feel that he is realizing his full potential. This adventure has been going on for many years and it will never end..