Gathering Program

Main workshops

Dynamic Thai

Siawasch Peyman

Dynamic Thai is a very unique approach, inspired by the work of the Thai Master Chaiyuth Priyasith as well integrating techniques from Osteopathy. It is giving the practitioners tools to improve continuity, fluidity and change of rhythm in their treatment. Dynamic Thai is a very creative and playful way to approach the body. The right mixture of soft shaking, rocking and oscillatory movement helps to release the nervous system, restore mobility and come into contact with the water element.

Mojrim Sequences

Siawasch Peyman

The Morjim Sequences: are a collection of 45min sequences that mostly focus on one region of the body. They have been developed during my long term stays in the village of Morjim in Southindia, while I was visiting my teacher to go deeper in my personal yoga practice. It happened that I started teaching Thaiyogamassage 2 times a week for all levels, from super beginner to very advanced bodyworkers. The idea behind is to use the the variety of all technical aspects and switch from static to dynamic, fascia release and stillness, working with palms and forearm to feet and shinbone.

Why certain parts of your body do not open easily in yoga (or massage) practice

Robert Henderson

This workshop describes in full 20 discomforts and difficulties that can be found in your body during yoga (or massage) practice which are not anatomical issues but are instead blockages in your energy body that, when stimulated by yoga (or massage) practice, cause you physical discomfort and difficulty.

Common energy-related physical conditions in your body include:

  • Tightness in the ankles
  • Weakness in the knees
  • Tight hamstrings
  • Closed hips
  • Weakness in the lower back
  • Coldness in the abdomen
  • Tightness in the mid-back
  • Stiffness in the shoulder blades
  • Tightness in the trapezius
  • Pain and weakness in the upper arms; elbow joints or wrists.
  • Pain, tightness or inflammation in the neck and throat.

In this workshop, the energetic origin and cause of each of these conditions is given.
A physical description of the actual blockage is offered and advice regarding how best to move through or release the blockage is added where appropriate. Some pains and discomforts reveal the physical affects your up-bringing, environment, family and friends or lifestyle can have on your body.

Part One:

  • Ankles
  • Knees
  • Hamstrings
  • Adductors
  • Hips

Part Two:

  • Lower back
  • Mid-back
  • Arms
  • Shoulders
  • Neck


Flora Bisogno


By combining the Thai yoga massage with the principles and tools of osteopathy, in this 1st workshop I will introduce the main principles of the general treatments of joints: routine, rhythm, rotation and fixed point, reciprocal tension and slack. We will also see dynamic techniques like rocking, impulse and recoil, how we can apply this in our treatment, to restore general mobility, articular integrity, coordination and stabilization. We will focus on specific techniques for the knee.


By applying the principles presented in workshop 1, we will present a simple sequence focused on the shoulder. We will learn to heal and free the shoulder, releasing the energy blocked, restoring movement and mobility with coordination and joint integrity. We will integrate our holistic approach working/playing with the fascia.

Osteothai is the integration of osteopathic principles and techniques into Thai massage, a bridge between East and West. It’s a form of bodywork that combines extraordinary creative and powerful Thai massage techniques with the precise and gentle touch of osteopathy.
Osteothai has been created by David Lutt and Arno L’hermitte, two French osteopaths in love with Thai massage. Each of them then has developed the concept according to their views and inspirations, allowing Osteothai to be a living and constant evolution.
Osteothai combines :

  • Traditional Thai massage’s varied and powerful stretches, using long leverage techniques across muscle groups (inspired by yoga postures); and its acupressure work on energy lines and the creativity of dynamic movements of traditional Thai massage.
  • Osteopathy’s release of tissue tension and work on restriction of mobility.

Additional workshops

Qi Gong with Tomek Eichelberger

W praktyce masażu potrzebujemy dobrze czuć to co robimy. Żeby to było możliwe musimy poczuć dobrze siebie. Qi Gong uczy tego jak dogadać się z samym sobą, jak w zintegrowany sposób się poruszać. Podczas 2 godzinnego warsztatu zajmiemy się tym jak samemu sobie zrobić wewnętrzny, ożywczy i porządkujący masaż.

Yoga with Asia Ochędowska

Yoga is a holistic way of working with the body that integrates strength, flexibility, mobility and coordination. In order for us to be able to fully and effortlessly take care of the bodies of people who come to us for a massage, we must first of all take care of our bodies. I invite you to the morning yoga warm-up, during which we will wake up pleasantly and prepare for a day-long massage practice.

Spontaneous swimming in ponds

Additional workshops
(16-17 sierpnia)


Flora Bisogno

The lower back is an area where different structures and systems are meeting: muscle skeleton, visceral, nervous, fascial, energetic. In order to improve vertebrae mobility, restore vitality and bring back ease at movement, we will approach it with special dynamic and static techniques coming from thai yoga massage and osteopathy.

After an introduction on the main principles used in osteothai for a general treatment, we will focus on the sacrum and the sacroiliac joint, lumbar spine, muscles of interest (psoas, quadratus lumborum, piriformis).

We will practice a sequence in a supine, side and prone position to release chronic lower back pain, but we’ll not forget to touch the belly and C0-C1-C2.


Wednsday 11.08Evening
Thursday 12.08Warm up 7:30Qi GongTomek Eichelberger
10:00-13:00Hands of BuddaTomek Eichelberger
15:00-18:00FoundationsHania Łubek
EveningThai TouchHania Łubek
Friday 13.08Warm up 7:30YogaAsia Ochędowska
10:00-13:00Osteothai 1Flora Bisogno
15:00-18:00Subtle energy 1Robert Henderson
Saturday 14.08Warm up 7:30YogaSia
10:00-13:00Morjim SequencesSia
15:00-18:00Osteothai 2Flora Bisogno
Sunday 15.08Warm up 7:30Qi Gong
10:00-13:00Dynamic massageSia
15:00-18:00Subtle energy 2Robert Henderson