Thai Touch Bodywork Gathering by Yeshe Family

Thai massage at the lake

Workshops will be in English or translated into English!

11-15 August 2021

+ 16-17 August are additional workshops with Flora

Place: Gabrielnia (center of Poland)

We would love to invite all thai massage and conscious bodywork enthusiasts to Gabrielnia in August!

You will meet people like you, exchange the knowledge, get inspired and you will have an opportunity to master new techniques, find new ways of understanding massage and meet great practitioners setting out new paths.

We are a group of massage therapists, using thai massage and acupressure techniques. Our passions are deep bodywork, development of physical self-awareness and sharing all of the above with others. This is why we hit upon the idea to create this event, allowing us to meet in a larger group, share the experience and invite people, who would broaden our horizons. This is how the Thai Bodywork Festival – Thai Touch – came into being.

During workshops Siawasch Peyman will share with us the secrets of dynamic massage. Robert Henderson will lead us into the world of energy work and teach us about the lines, where energy flows. We will learn to recognize the blockages of energy in a body. Flora Bisogno will open the world of delicate “Osteothai” work. All beginners will be able to take their first steps with Hanna Łubek.

Between workshops we will practice Qi Gong and yoga. We will chill in a lovely pond and dance barefoot on the grass. There will be delicious food, exchange of massage and aromatic, morning coffee.

We would like to make this event opening, teaching and pushing towards further development as a professional or occasional body worker, both for ourselves and for yourself. Your prior experience is irrelevant. Maybe you have never massaged anybody. However, if you feel the call and wish to experience the art of thai massage, and maybe you would like to try yourself as a massage therapist, you are very welcome.

This event is for you. Most workshops will be in English, the other will be translated.

Number of participants: 30

Thai Touch body work gathering by Yeshe Family